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LIV nightclub Miami tickets nightclub packages

LIV Nightclub Miami

Club LIV in Miami is one of the most popular club in Country.  You can catch celebrities and athletes partying at LIV on any given night (Wednesday-Sunday).  LIV is also known to be a very difficult club to get into but not impossible if you know the right ppl, have a table reservation or use a VIP concierge service. 

General admission to club LIV range from $60-$100 per person at the door (holiday weekends can me more)and estimated wait of 30-60 min. inline and in some cases even longer ( some ppl won't even get in) 

You might be asking so " how do I get into LIV and enjoy a night out in Miami"?   They're a few option to get in LIV and we recommend one of the following 3.

1. Reserve a Table for the night, it's not cheap but it's a guarantee way in. Usually tables start at $1500 all the way up to 10k or more. Depending on the night of the week, location of table and the amount of ppl in the group (female and male ratio plays a role too) 


2. Arrive early, get inline and pay general admission ( admission range from $60-$100 per person) and dress to impress. ( Holiday weekends price increases)


3. Work with a Luxury VIP Conceirge service. There are many Conceirge services in Miami that offers LIV Miami Party Packages. The packages consist of a 2hr open bar at a trendy lounge (free drinks), after they arrange a limo or Partybus transfer to club LIV, and upon arriving at LIV you receive escorted admission (admission included) and Skip the line. The packages range from $60-$120 per person depending on the night of the week and whos performing that night. 

Like any industry Miami VIP Conceirge service  range in price and services, but it's a guaranteed way in.  


The above options are the best way to get into club LIV while in Miami , and enjoy a night out at one of the best clubs Miami and in the country. If your planning a trip to miami or a night out with the girls or guys feel free to contact with any questions regarding the options above. 

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