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Miami Sunset Cruise

Now Boarding:

Cast Away the Day Sunset Cruise 


There’s nothing like Miami at sunset - the orange, yellow and red skies blending perfectly together into the night sky. All above the brilliant Miami skyline. The views will not be easily forgotten, making the Cast Away the Day Sunset Cruise the most memorable trip of people’s lives. 


Book Now & Sail Later


Bookings can be made up to 24 days before you set sail, and we make trips all year long. Be sure to check the schedule to ensure we sail on your desired day, as we do have some days off. 

Experience a Sunset Cruise Like No Other


Relax comfortably on our large catamaran as it departs from Bayside Marketplace and Marina during the sunset hour. Watch the sun go down just over Biscayne Bay or Miami’s South Beach, and then see Miami’s Skyline come to life. 


Caribbean Spirit will take you away from the stress of your days. Throw on a sundress, flowered shirt, and sandals and forget all your worries for a little while. That’s the power of our sunset cruise - the best sunset cruise in Miami. 


While you’re on the cruise, enjoy cold refreshments and upbeat Calypso music. Bring a date or meet someone special on the cruise. There’s something about Cast Away the Day Sunset Cruise Miami that makes people fall in love.

Caribbean Spirit Features


Largest Catamarans in North America


Caribbean Spirit features an amazing 2800 feet deck, providing room for people to mingle and dance the evening away. Shaded lounge areas and covered seating offer comfortable places to watch the sunset without feeling the sun’s heat. For those who prefer staying indoors, there’s an enclosed bar. 

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